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Alexandra Stahle, DDS

Years ago, Dr. Alexandra Stahle made the decision to leave her home country of Colombia to start a new life in the United States. Although the decision was a difficult one, she knew that there was something more in store for her as she embarked on this journey of self-discovery.

Fast forward 20 plus years, Dr. Stahle now owns a flourishing dental practice located in Beverly Hills, CA. She is a strong-willed, passionate entrepreneur, yet she has a heart of gold. When asked what matters to her most, Dr. Stahle explained that her patients being well cared for was of paramount importance. She takes pride in delivering ethical dentistry at the highest level. She is vehemently against cutting corners. Her principles are bound by honesty, strength, and trust. Her patients, in her eyes, represent an extension of her family. Dr. Stahle understands that the deep trust necessary for a healthy patient doctor relationship is precious, and therefore aims to do what is in her patients’ best interest.

“To me, every patient has a voice. Not only is it my job to provide exceptional care, it’s also my responsibility to make sure that everyone is heard. A patient’s autonomy should never be taken from them."