Though there is more than one method available to straighten crooked teeth and correct teeth spacing problems, none are as revered as Invisalign. Ask your dentist, dental hygienist, and others in the oral healthcare industry about the merits of Invisalign and you will be inundated with praise for this breakthrough teeth-straightening solution. Without further adieu, here are the top benefits of Invisalign.

Straighten Teeth in Less Time Than Braces

If you were to poll those who selected braces over Invisalign to straighten their crooked teeth, you would find most are unhappy with the results. In particular, those who wear braces typically complain about the time commitment required to straighten wayward teeth. There is no sense returning to the dentist or orthodontist’s office over and over again to have your braces adjusted when we can provide you with comparably fuss-free Invisalign translucent aligners. Though you will have to visit with the dentist to have your Invisalign trays analyzed and possibly slightly tweaked, the number of visits will be far fewer than those required with braces.

Invisalign is Nearly Invisible

Invisalign trays are translucent, creating the impression you are not reliant upon any type of dental device to straighten your teeth. Only those who get within a few inches of your teeth will have any idea you are wearing Invisalign trays. There is no sense fussing around with the ugly and annoying wires/bracket of traditional braces when translucent Invisalign trays are available.

Eat Whatever You Desire

Opt for braces and your food intake will be limited to items that do not interfere with the wires and brackets. Alternatively, those who choose Invisalign can eat whatever they desire, regardless of whether it is crunchy or sticky. All you have to do is remove your Invisalign tray before mealtime and you will be good to go.

Invisalign is Comfortable

Unlike braces, Invisalign trays do not compromise patient comfort. These smooth plastic trays are soft to the touch, ensuring complete comfort from the moment they are added all the way up until the teeth are straightened. Our dentist even goes to the extent of ensuring the Invisalign trays have the proper edge shape to ensure the optimal fit for your unique teeth and mouth dimensions. Dr. Buchler a Waterbury orthodontist adds that with the better comfort of Invisalign patients enjoy their orthodontic treatment a lot more and have improved confidence during treatment.

Invisalign Trays are Removable

Feel free to remove your Invisalign trays whenever desired. You can remove these aligners to eat, floss, brush your teeth, or do anything else. The resulting improved oral hygiene reduces your risk of gum disease, helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy across the long haul.

No Worries About Food Particles Sticking

Ask anyone who wears traditional braces about the drawbacks of this teeth-straightening method and they will likely complain about food particles getting stuck in the braces. There is no risk of food particles sticking to Invisalign clear braces as they are removed prior to eating.

Fewer Sports Restrictions

Athletes typically bypass metal braces in favor of Invisalign for safety reasons. Metal braces have the potential to cut the gums and other parts of the mouth after a blow to the mouth. If you play baseball, soccer, football, or hockey, do not take such a risk by donning metal braces. Instead, choose Invisalign and you will be able to remove these aligners prior to games and practices. This way, you won’t have to worry about them damaging your gums, tongue, teeth, or other parts of your mouth.

Invisalign Straightens Teeth Faster Than Braces

Traditional metal braces take upwards of five years to straighten crooked teeth. Alternatively, Invisalign aligners work in as little as a year. Even if your Invisalign aligners take upwards of a year and a half to straighten or properly space your teeth, this is still a shorter wait than that required for braces. At the earliest, traditional braces will take two years to straighten crooked teeth. Why bother waiting an extra six months or an extra three years when Invisalign can get the job done without such a lengthy wait? There is no sense inconveniencing yourself any more than absolutely necessary.

Easier Cleaning for Optimal Oral Health

Invisalign aligners are replaced every couple of weeks, ensuring a fresh set of aligners is in place to straighten crooked teeth. Why bother trying to clean your teeth with braces in the way when you can simply remove your Invisalign aligners and start flossing/brushing your teeth without delay? Making matters worse for those who wear braces is the fact that food and plaque will inevitably end up trapped in the braces. This interference from food makes the cleaning process that much more challenging. The ease of cleaning allowed by Invisalign aligners provides you with the opportunity to clean the entirety of your mouth, ensuring your teeth and gums are as healthy as possible.

Improved Confidence

Nearly everyone who wears Invisalign aligners feels confident in the look of their teeth and gums. Alternatively, those who rely on braces tend to be quite self-conscious about their personal appearance. Your self-confidence goes a long way in determining your success in the professional world as well as in the dating game.

If you still want to climb the corporate ladder, spark up a romantic relationship, or simply make new friends, it will help to wear translucent Invisalign aligners as opposed to ugly metal braces. The bottom line is people who have a lovely smile tend to feel good, exude positive vibes, and win favor with others. Choose Invisalign and you will have confidence in your personal aesthetic, making it that much easier to get the most out of life in every way.

Alexandra Stahle DDS: Smile of Beverly Hills

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